The largest in the state of Michigan, the I-69 International Trade Corridor Next Michigan Development Corporation (NMDC) represents a significant regional partnership and offers economic incentives to existing and new businesses that utilize two or more forms of transportation to move their products and are located within the territory of the NMDC. Qualifying businesses can benefit from state and local incentives, including real and personal property tax abatements. In certain locations, businesses may receive approval for tax-free Renaissance Zones. The I-69 International Trade Corridor Next Michigan Development Corporation is comprised of four county governments and 31 local municipalities.

What are the benefits of an NMDC designation?

The primary benefit from the NMDC is the creation of a required platform for municipal collaboration, focused on jobs and investment. Other benefits include regional marketing and access to incentives to support growing businesses.

Municipal Partners

What is an aerotropolis or Next Michigan Development Corporation (NMDC)?

It is a designated area authorized under MI PA of 2010. This initiative allows regions near transportation hubs such as airports, rail lines and highways to utilize tax incentives to support business growth, particularly those that are multi-modal.

Is there a cost for the municipalities that sign on to the Initiative?

Communities that agree to join the NMDC pay an annual fee that is established by the NMDC Board and the local partners.

Who governs and administers the NMDC?

The NMDC is governed by a board consisting of members from the participating governments; one member from each governmental unit. Officers serve at the pleasure of the Board. Activities of the NMDC may be conducted by contract, employed and/or in-kind administrative and marketing staff.